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  • How much does a Kithouse cost?
    The Kithouse Premiere starts at $225,000. Additional costs can be anticipated for foundation, decks/porches, electrical or plumbing outside the building’s shell. This price does not include site assembly (starting at $285,000).
  • Can I customize a Kithouse?
    YES. From the basic design, there are several customization options for various features within the Kithouse Premiere. You may be able to choose options within sub-categories of the house. For example, for flooring, you may choose between three options, one of which would be opting out of the option for flooring included in our price.
  • Can a Kithouse be shipped?
    A Kithouse can be shipped anywhere in the world. If this is something you’re considering, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to figure out a pricing estimate for you.
  • When are the other models coming out?
    At this time we are focused on our current model, the Kithouse Premiere. There may be other models in the future, but we can’t give a timeline at this time.
  • I am a business looking for housing solutions, is this something Kithouse can help with?"
    Providing housing solutions to businesses, government agencies and more is one of Kithouse’s main focuses and priorities. The Kithouse is designed to be built in large volumes in remote places while being able to stand up to the harsh climates we’re used to in Canada and other countries with colder weather. If you think Kithouse would be a good option for staff housing, camp housing, environmentally friendly short-term housing options, you’re in the right place. If you have a need for multiple units (such as for social/staff housing, or First Nations housing), we would be interested in discussing customized solutions for your community needs. If this is something that interests you or your business, please contact to explore options.
  • What is included in the base price of a Kithouse?
    Kithouse is sold as a ready-to-assemble kit. This includes building components like electrical and plumbing, insulation, roofing, windows, and doors. We also include exterior finishes like kitchen and bathroom cabinets and an exterior siding of your choice.
  • How long does it take to get my Kithouse from when I place the order?
    You can expect a delivery date on a ready-to-move (RTM) model about six months from purchase.
  • What is NOT included in the base price of a Kithouse?
    Items not included in the price of a Kithouse include foundation, water and sewer components located outside the home, interior paint, water softener, furniture & appliances.
  • Who will build my Kithouse?
    You have options! We can build it for you on our build site and transport it as a ready-to-move (RTM) model, or we can send it to you in a kit and you can build it yourself.
  • Where is Kithouse located?
    You can find Kithouse’s build location in Erickson, Manitoba. This is where all of the RTM homes are constructed and where our office is located. We can ship across Canada and the world.
  • Do you offer customized design options?
    We offer customization options within the already outlined model. You can customize flooring, appliances and more. There are also opportunities for add-ons like porches, decks and garages. We currently do not offer customization on the Kithouse Premiere blueprint design.
  • What does a floor plan for Kithouse look like?
    Kithouse’s floor plan looks like this:
  • What kind of foundation is needed for a Kithouse?
    Concrete foundation, helical pile, surface-bearing cribbing or multipoing foundation can all be used as foundation for a Kithouse. We would be happy to provide any advice or consultation regarding these preparations. Please contact us at with the specific details of the situation to get assistance.
  • Is there financing available through Kithouse? Can I finance a Kithouse?
    Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to provide financing options to our customers.
  • Does Kithouse ship anywhere in the world?
    We are able to ship anywhere in the world, you’ll just have to contact us at and we can start the process.
  • What do I need to have done before my Kithouse is built?
    In order for your Kithouse to be built on your site or to be moved to your site as a ready-to-move (RTM) structure, you’ll need to have the following prepared: The land it will rest/stand on – this means trees may need to be removed and grading may have to occur. Electrical service – you’ll have to make sure there is electricity if you’re not going to the off-grid route. Water source – how will your house get water? You’ll have to consider a well or look at availability from the local municipal system. Building permit – you’ll have to ensure you’re allowed to build on your site. We’re able to provide you with permit drawings. Foundation – you’ll have already thought through which foundation option you’re using and have it in place. It can be a concrete, helical pile, surface bearing cribbing or multipoint foundation. We can help you through this process and provide advice and consultation during this phase.
  • Do you offer off-grid options?
    Yes, Kithouse is designed to function fully with off-grid, net-zero capabilities.

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